Professional Endorsements:

  • Honorable Dennis Alvarez

  • Adam Bantner, Past President of HCACDL

  • Doug Belden, Hillsborough County Tax Collector

  • Caroline Black Sikorske, Past President of the HCBA

  • Pam Bondi, Former Florida Attorney General

  • Chad Chronister, Hillsborough County Sheriff

  • Nicholas Cox, Florida Statewide Prosecutor

  • Honorable William Fuente

  • Lily McCarty, Past President of HCACDL

  • Mark Proctor Soil and Water Conservation

  • City Councilman Luis Viera

  • City Councilman John Dingfelder

  • Stephen Swindal, Former Chair of the Tampa Port Authority

  • Ken Turkel – Past President of the HCBA

  • Tampa Firefighters Local 754

  • The Hillsborough Fire Action Committee Board

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